Soundtrack | Highlander (TV Series) | Roger Bellon (1992–1998)
Саундтрек | Горец (Сериал) | Роджер Беллон (1992–1998)

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Саундтрек/Soundtrack Highlander (TV Series) | Roger Bellon (1992–1998) Горец (Сериал) | Роджер Беллон

01. Bonny Portmore (from «Not To Be»)
02. Hymn To A Time (from «The Blitz»)
03. Hand in Hand (from «Band Of Brothers»)
04. Michelin Mush (from «The Immortal Chimoli»)
05. A Woody Through Time (from «Warmonger»)
06. Debra On Stream Think Of Me (from «Homeland»)
07. Will Ye No Come Back Again (from «Through A Glass Darkly»)
08. Big River (from «Mountain Men»)
09. En Position A Life Upside Down (from «Eye of the Beholder»)
10. Hans Kirshner (from «Modern Prometheus»)
11. Heart Come Back (from «Methos»)
12. Kansas Toto (from «Something Wicked»)
13. Slow On A Road (from «Nowhere To Run»)
14. The Unexpected (from «Glory Days»)
15. The Battle of Preston (from «Through A Glass Darkly»)
16. All My Life (from «Duende»)
17. He’s A Star Level Playing Field (from «Revenge Of The Sword»)
18. I’m Done (from «Manhunt»)
19. Jacques Berri (from «Money No Object»)
20. Canister Man (from «Money No Object»)
21. Richie Remembered (from «Archangel»)
22. We’ll Meet Again (from «The Blitz»)
23. Bonny Portmore — Reprise (from «Homeland»)
24. For Forever (Bouns Track from «Highlander — A Celtic Opera»)
25. Magic Of The Old Gods (Bouns Track from «Highlander — A Celtic Opera»)
26. Forever In You (Bouns Track from «Highlander — A Celtic Opera»)

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