Soundtrack | The Color of Money | Various Artists (1986)
Саундтрек | Цвет денег | Разные исполнители (1986)

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Саундтрек/Soundtrack Soundtrack | The Color of Money | Various Artists (1986) Цвет денег | Разные исполнители

01. Who Owns This Place — Don Henley
02. It’s In The Way That You Use It –Eric Clapton
03. Let Yourself In For It–Robert Palmer
04. Don’t Tell Me Nothin’ –Willie Dixon
05. Two Brothers And A Stranger –Mark Knopfler
06. Standing On The Edge Of Love–B.B. King
07. Modern Blues –Robbie Robertson And Gil Evans
08. Werewolves Of London –Warren Zevon
09. My Baby’s In Love With Another Guy –Robert Palmer
10. The Main Title –Robbie Robertson And Gil Evans

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